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lance hunter in agents of shield 2x01 shadows

Come on girl, you know I look good.

“We wanted a Peggy Sue Got Married moment,” Kitsis tells EW, explaining that Emma would’ve seen Graham when she was locked up in the Evil Queen’s castle. “He would’ve been one of the guards because it would’ve been during that period,” adds Horowitz. “She would’ve seen him, and it would’ve been heartbreaking for her because she would’ve wanted to reach out to him, but knowing that—because she’s on a mission—she couldn’t. It wasn’t a big plot thing, but it was an emotional moment that we wanted to do.”


Would you even want a solo Hawkeye film? (x)

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check out this periodic table


I have made a lot of bad jokes but this is still probably my greatest hit


I swore you would not die by my brother’s hand.
I said nothing of my own.


colour meme: black and white - The Mortal Instruments

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 4 screencaps of Skye

mary and francis + colors