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Okay, time to try to sleep as I rage at a certain ‘specialist’ in my head and desperately try to figure out a way for this to all be a lie and for him to still be good and whyyyyyy does he have to lie?

So it’s almost 1am, I just watched Agents of Shield and I’ll not be spoilery but at the end I was screaming hatred and a lot of “I TRUSTED YOU”s at a certain character AND OH MY GOD NEXT WEEK’S PROMO HELP HOW AM I EXPECTED TO WAIT A WEEK


Tony declaring that Stark Towers be renamed Winterfell and whenever he is called away for boring conferences or whatever he refuses because “There must always be a Stark in Winterfell.”

"It fizzes like cherry cola and tingles like kisses on my neck. I think it’s called happiness."

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Give Me Love - Demi Lovato (left ear) and Ed Sheeran (right ear)
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"…that was the tourney when he crowned Lyanna Stark as Queen of Love and Beauty! Princess Elia was there, his wife, and yet my brother gave the crown to the Stark girl, and later stole her away from her betrothed. How could he do that? Did the Dornish woman treat him so ill?”

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James… I’d like to ask you a question. Are you— Are you gay?

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"I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, AND honest."
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